Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I'm not even sure what this is about

I just put Olivia BACK to sleep. She woke up after 50 minutes of nap. Normally, I wouldn't bother, but I couldn't risk her waking up the other toddler in the house, so I rocked her. She fell asleep and I briefly considered holding her, sleeping, in my lap for another hour rather than risk her waking up again when I put her down. Two hours of silence in the afternoon is just that important.

Which got me to thinking...someone should invent a device that can read my thoughts and put them down in print. Like a dictaphone for the brain. Because I write the best blog posts in my head while putting Olivia to sleep, but I have no way of recording them. Good posts about interesting topics. And then they float out of my brain by the time I get to nap hour. Sheesh.

Aaaand...she's up again. Well, at least she got 15 more minutes of sleep than she would have. I'm going to see if she'll sit quietly and watch "Bee Movie" until Addie wakes up.


Jen said...

I have that same argument with myself about whether it is better to keep holding her too.

Lindsay said...

YES. I write very eloquent blog posts in my brain as I fall asleep each night. Let me know when you get a brain dictophone eh?