Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My project for this week

It's been months since I did a closet overhaul with Olivia's clothes...something I used to do monthly (they grow SO FAST when they are teeny). I haven't been through Olivia's clothes since I put away her winter stuff in May. So yesterday, I trekked up to the attic to see what we had in terms of 3T and 4T for cool weather.

It turns out that there's A LOT! I pack these hand-me-downs away and forget just how many there are. I'm running out of space to put them while we are still using the 2T summer stuff. She can still fit most of it since there are no sleeve lengths to worry about. But the 3T and some of the 4T stuff fits her now, so we'll move into that quickly.

So I'm wondering...what do you do with all of these clothes? We have six huge storage tubs in the attic that are FULL of stuff that she's not wearing now, and five of those are full of stuff she's already grown out of. And that doesn't even include her 0-9 month things, which have been loaned to her baby cousin. We're running out of room! But I don't want to get rid of anything in case we have another girl. Seriously, how to parents of multiple children keep up with all of this stuff?


HereWeGoAJen said...

I don't even have an attic and we have that same problem.

Stephanie said...

It helped me a lot to go through the baby stuff while I don't have any babies in the house. I do use a lot of it, but I wasn't nearly as sentimental once a little time had passed. I was able to say, I have three of these, I don't need a fourth, and give it away. That may help.