Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Let's just focus on a happier subject

I have two sleeping toddlers in my house who went down for nap a full half-hour earlier than usual. I wanted to put them to bed an hour before that. They were NOT good this morning. I don't know if they were both overtired or what, but there was a lot of pushing and hitting and tantrum throwing by both of them. We usually have a little of that, but not ALL MORNING. They had better both get a good long nap.

I would rather not dwell on that, so let's talk about our weekend, shall we?

We had a fun weekend without much on the actual schedule. We opted for a high school football game on Friday night. That was fun for me, particularly because the weather turned suddenly cool late last week and there was a cool breeze that made me think of Fall...ah, Fall! We found a spot on the grass near the track, and Olivia entertained herself by running around and exploring.

On Saturday, we went to Local Theme Park, where Olivia, for the first time, got to ride the big kid rides. Before, she was limited by her height (under 36") to just the kiddie rides and a handful of other 'family' rides that anyone can ride as long as they can sit up and be with an adult. We banned her from the kiddie rides a couple months ago because she learned to unlatch her seatbelt and would do it in the middle of the ride, and that just wasn't acceptable. So we were EXTREMELY limited in what we could do for awhile.

Then, Saturday we thought we'd check...and she hit the mark! There are about 8 more rides she can ride now (all with an adult, but still). Yep, our 21-month-old is now 36 inches tall. How is that possible?

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HereWeGoAJen said...

I can't believe she's big enough for a height limit! Ack! Where does all the time go?