Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I'm getting used to the differences between Olivia and Addie. Where Olivia is loud and explosive, Addie is quiet and soft-spoken. Addie talks as much as Olivia, but she's hard to hear over the shouts of my daughter. When she cries, you have to be paying attention to notice or you'd think it was just whining or pouting. NOT used to that.

Both girls speak a lot, but Addie's words aren't as easy to decipher. She was playing with foam letters and was holding one up saying, "dubba-DOO!" for "W", and she had to actually bring it over for me to see before I realized what she was saying. She's as good at using her polite words as Olivia is, but it sounds like, "Day-doo, Slah-sah!" (Translation: Thank you, Lisa.) And when she refers to Olivia, she calls her "Lee-bah!"

On the other hand, she's MUCH easier to put down for a nap than Olivia is.

We're working on pushing today. Both girls are spending their share of time sitting in their respective corners as we learn that we do NOT push each other. They don't seem to be getting it.

Toddlers can be exhausting, but the transition to babysitting has been much smoother than I expected, overall. Now I'm off to get the most out of nap hour(s) by relaxing with a good book.


Jen said...

It's very interesting to hear about the differences between the two girls. They both sound just as sweet as can be.

Lizzie said...

I bet having the two of them means that you have to double your down-time during nap, right? But it's nice that they get to learn how to share and be friends so early.