Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Today was my first day babysitting. I am watching a little girl who is a month older than Olivia (and two inches shorter...sheesh!). They got along really well, and except for a few meltdowns (Olivia) and some pushing (both girls), we made it through the morning well. She'll be here mornings this week and then all day starting next week. And I think naps are going to be easier around here from now on. Olivia just about collapsed when her new little friend left at 11:30. They wore each other out!

My husband is going out of town tomorrow and won't be home until Sunday, so he gave me a little gift tonight and took Olivia to Local Theme Park by himself to give me a little computer time. I have finished all of my "to do" list for today, and I still have a little time to post. Sweet!

Olivia and I have been/will be spending afternoons at my parent's house this week. We are canning beans. During Olivia's nap each day (in which she falls asleep in the car on the way over and sleeps in the guest room there), I am snapping and cleaning beans, then my Dad takes care of the rest of the canning process. We've been picking beans when Olivia is awake. It's a lot of work and exhausting, but we reap the benefits with garden canned beans all winter, so it's the least I can do to help. But it leaves me with very little (no) computer time all week. I think this is good for me. I need to find a way to get away from the computer and be more productive.

More later!

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Jen said...

I've been wanting to start canning things. I haven't gotten around to it though.