Friday, August 7, 2009


1. Although we're ready for baby #2 to show up any time, I have enjoyed just having a toddler this summer. Olivia is at just the right age to enjoy just about any outside activity, and lately we've been spending most of our evenings either at the Local Theme Park or just in our backyard. For the last couple of evenings, we've let Olivia enjoy the garden hose. She has so much fun spraying the grass, the rocks...herself.
2. To answer Stephanie's questions in the comments from yesterday's post: Yes it would be more convenient to do surgery locally, but I only want to have it done once, and there's only a handful of doctors that I would trust with my reproductive health. And this guy is THE BEST. The doctor who did my laparoscopy is FABULOUS, but even he would refer me to this guy if he couldn't ultimately figure out what was wrong. I would guess that any trained NaproTechnology Medical Consultant would do the same. I've heard countless stories through my association with teachers of this method of NFP from around the country, and many of them have seen couples who have gone through various treatments and surgeries just to finally end up with Dr. Hilgers. He usually has had to repeat their surgeries, but in the majority of cases he has been successful in completely removing the disease and restoring fertility. He is THE specialist for the really serious cases. I have met him several times and know him to be a man of deep faith and great skill, and I trust that if we are going to invest in fixing whatever is wrong with me, he's our greatest chance for a return on that investment.

3. I was looking for something in the closet today and found a box of Olivia photos that I'd printed for her scrapbook, which I never got around to starting. I was going through those and thinking that I really should get started on her lifebook. There are so many things I want to make sure I remember and get down on paper so she can learn about how she came to be a part of our family.

4. I've also been thinking a lot about Olivia's birthmom lately. I don't know why...maybe it's the fact that Olivia has been doing so many cute things lately that make me realize how smart she is and how fast she's growing up. I would love the opportunity to let her birthmom know that she's OK and thriving and happy. I'm just so proud of the little person she is becoming...I guess I just want to share some of that Mom joy.

5. Speaking of cute, here are a few "Olivia-isms" that we've heard lately. "Maybe later, Mom!" "Elmo wants to pee-pee on the potty!" (Sitting in the truck) "I'm driving. Going to work!" "Livy's turn, please."

6. Daddy's birthday is next weekend, but he'll be out of town so we are celebrating until he leaves. Olivia has been running around the house singing the song from Disney's "Choo Choo Soul"..."Ce-brate, is your birt-day!"

7. Olivia fell asleep tonight in about three minutes because she had no real nap today. I was sitting on her bed watching her sleep on her big pillow and thinking about how she looked like a little angel. So different from the thoughts I was having a couple of nights ago when she WOULD. NOT. GO. TO. SLEEP. Weird how that works.


Lizzie said...

Somehow it's so much easier to just adore them when they're sleeping...

Jen said...

I still haven't done anything about a scrapbook.

I love that picture of Olivia with the hose.