Sunday, August 30, 2009

And away we go...

We have spent three miserable days of sick. On Thursday and Friday night, Olivia and I had a hard time sleeping because of the congestion and sore throat. Last night was better and I'm starting to feel like a normal person again, but now the cold has settled into my chest. I'm developing a nasty chest cough that hurts, and Olivia still talks like a smoker took over her lungs. Miraculously, my husband has escaped all cold symptoms so far, and we're praying it stays that way.

And we're leaving for vacation tomorrow.

I'm glad, at least, that the really miserable cold symptoms are over. If we had left on Friday, our whole trip would have been awful. We are definitely on the mend.

Olivia has been pretty rotten these last few days. I blame the cold and also sugar. She has had no appetite because she can't taste or smell anything, so we couldn't get her to eat or drink anything unless it contained lots of sugar. She was on the verge of dehydrating when we discovered that although she refused any other drink, she would gladly gulp down the juice boxes we had stored away for outings and such. So we were giving them to her one after the other. That came back to bite us this afternoon when we attended a wedding reception and she WOULD. NOT. SIT. STILL. Or eat anything. Except candy mints. She was purposely pulling stuff off of tables and shoving other kids. And since she had had a long nap before we went, my only other thought was that she was reacting badly to all the sugar. *Sigh* So we'll be leaving the juice boxes at home this week.

Between wrestling the child and finding a computer, I may be silent this week. If so, the highlights will appear here next week.

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