Monday, August 10, 2009

Using your words against you

Olivia's into screaming now. When she doesn't get what she wants, she launches into this ear-splitting supersonic scream. So we have been sitting her down and explaining in stern voices that we DO NOT SCREAM at Mommy.

So today, while I had my hands full in the kitchen, Olivia attempted to get on the computer. I said in my stern voice "No! We don't play with Mommy's computer." When she continued to disobey, I repeated myself louder (also known as yelling). Olivia turned calmly to me and said, "We do NOT scream, Mommy!"

Little stinker.


Stephanie said...

Oh screaming. Screaming was when we introduced time-out. Asher picked it up right around Olivia's age (it's totally normal and developmental), but it was also about the time I had Silas, so it was his way to act out against the change in our home. Boo for screaming.

I've been working hard on Asher sitting on the potty without pulling down towels, unrolling toilet paper, etc. The other day I reached for a piece of toilet paper and Asher said, "We don't touch that Mama!" =)

Lizzie said...

HA! Guess she told you... That is such a funny phase (I shouldn't say that - I'll be cursed with a acter-outer) - whey they put things together. hilarious.