Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Missed the mark on that one...

One set of grandparents got an adding machine...one of those with the tape that types up what you are adding...from a friend who bought it at a yardsale with Olivia in mind. "Because she likes buttons so much." Nice thought, but didn't quite pan out as we'd expected. I left her alone with it for ten minutes today and came in the room to find her with a black-and-red tape hanging over her neck and red and black marks all over her hands, shirt and neck. So the ink tape got promptly thrown away, and I have a feeling that the adding machine will be shoved in a closet until I can forget about the ink debacle.

We had the hardest time getting the DSL to work tonight...even called customer support. The phone repair guy was at our house today trying to figure out the problem with our phone line, which hadn't been working. So we just thought we'd check...sure enough, he'd forgotten to plug the DSL cord back into the jack on the outside of the house. Way to waste our time, buddy.

Enough for tonight.

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Jen said...

I love that the only problem was that the guy hadn't plugged it back in.