Sunday, July 18, 2010

A funny thing happened on the way to the campsite

My parents went camping this weekend and invited us to their campsite (5 miles from our house) for a cookout dinner on Friday. Olivia's cousin, Trey, was also invited. Olivia and Trey have so much fun together and were enjoying running in and out of the camper over and over (and over and over). So Mom and I decided to take them for a walk to focus their energies a bit more constructively.

We walked down to the lake where there is a beach and told the kids that they could only put their feet in. We all walked down the boardwalk to the edge of the water, and the kids walked in a bit. Olivia leaned down to look at something (a fish, I think). And, just as I was reminding her about only putting her feet in...Whoosh! Down she goes. Boardwalk in the water...wet...slimy...slippery! Trey bent down to help her, and all of a sudden he had slipped too.

They two of them were quite a sight. They knew that being wet was against our recently-discussed rules. And neither of them could quite figure out how they had managed to get so wet. They stared at us apologetically, and all I could do was laugh!

After that, we let both kids walk in the water (on the sand where they had traction!) for about ten minutes, getting as wet as they wanted. They were quite a sight by the time we returned to the campsite...all wet and gritty and sandy. But they both had a blast!

Check out that nasty shiner from Thursday. Goes perfectly with her soaking-wet tank top, don't you think?

We returned to the campsite for some marshmallow roasting...

And, of course, s'mores.
A perfect camping experience, indeed. Especially perfect since I got to go home and sleep in my own bed.

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