Monday, July 26, 2010

What a week!

I've been absent, and it's because we've been busy. Very busy. Since I last wrote, we visited Olivia's birthmother (and had her hair done, again...this time with beads).

We spent a whole day at Local Theme Park with Olivia's church friend (who must remain anonymous, so all you get are her curls).

I hosted our class reunion. Here's Olivia holding the door open for me as I hauled food in and out in the 95 degree heat with a thousand percent humidity. Yep.

Oh, and did I mention? Our driveway has been broken for awhile...

and the concrete guy picked this week to fix it. They came and poured on Friday. It looks fabulous. But it meant (and means) that we have to stay off the driveway until Wednesday.
For the duration, we've been parking cars on both of our neighbors' driveways. We are grateful for their hospitality, but since we live on a hill, one neighbor's driveway is uphill and the other is downhill. So I spent all day Friday shopping in the heat, hauling all of my purchases into the house so they wouldn't bake in the car, and then hauling them back out to the car once I got the key to the building for the reunion. Uphill, downhill, repeat. With a nap-deprived two-year-old in tow. And then hauling the leftovers back into the house on Saturday, at the end of a very long day. Uphill, downhill, repeat.

I'm tired. Let's spend this week lounging on the couch enjoying the air conditioning and eating ice cream, shall we?

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