Thursday, July 15, 2010

Success, then failure

I took Olivia, diaperless, to Local Theme Park today with two goals: make it through a morning of fun with no accidents, and wear her out for a good, long nap.

I watched her like a hawk throughout our playing and caught her striking the "poopy pose" twice. Both times I rushed her to the potty and both times she pooped in the potty. YAY! Much success. Score TWO for Olivia! Although I don't really think you can call her potty trained until she actually initiates the bathroom visit herself. But we're getting there.

We were having so much fun. We did the waterpark, watched a show, did funtown (kiddie section), went to another show. I was going to take her home for nap after show #2 (she's such a huge fan of these shows). Halfway through the show, she tripped while dancing in the aisle, smacked her head on the bench and came up with a whopping knot on the side of her eye.

Trip to first aid scored us a bag of ice, which Olivia held to her head for two minutes and then opened so she could eat the ice out of the bag.

So. Olivia's going to have a big shiner for the last night of VBS...the night where all the parents come and watch the kids sing and dance to the songs they learned all week. Yeah. Score zero for Mommy today.

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