Tuesday, November 20, 2007

For my birthday, I want to go home.

Tomorrow is my birthday. I want to go home. We just got word that our documents were approved by the sending state (where we are stranded) and will be shipped overnight to the receiving state (where we desperately want to be for Thanksgiving). Our lawyer will call in the morning to see if our state received the package. If they did, there's a strong chance that they'll push it through so we can go home.

Please, please pray for this to happen. We so desperately don't want to be stranded for five more days, over a holiday, in a city where we have no family, stuck in a hotel. I know I have been whining about this for days, but it just eats at me.

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Jen said...

Happy early birthday!

You have every right to whine. (And you really haven't been, anyway). Staying in a hotel totally sucks. My family stayed in a hotel in Jakarta for three weeks once while we waited for our house to be ready. The hotel was nice, but hotels are not homes.

Praying for you. Good luck.