Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bad Mommy

Ugh. It's been a rough morning.

I was trying to prepare a crockpot meal so that dinner would be ready when we were ready and I wouldn't need to scramble to get something together in the afternoon. Olivia tends to be a little more challenging in the late afternoon because she knows that Daddy is coming home soon, and she insists on trying to get into the garage to see if he's here every two minutes. My solution...get something going in the crockpot, then be able to pay exclusive attention to the child in the evening.

Well, Olivia decided to be challenging this morning, and after pulling her off of the computer desk for the 87th time, I decided she should go in time out. (This is the downside of having the computer in the dining room. Easy access, but challenging to keep the child from climbing up there and standing on the desk.)

Time out consists of five minutes in her crib. She HATES this. She loves her crib, but she knows when she's being punished and she just wails. But sometimes you just need to get the point across, and besides that I needed five minutes to finish my chopping and mixing for the crockpot.

After about two minutes, I heard her wail louder, and then all of a sudden she was in the kitchen, sobbing and wailing.

She climbed up and fell out of her bed.

Yes, she's done this once before, but this time she did it without the assistance of a pillow or other props. And she did it because she was mad, which makes it way worse.

She continued to cry for ten minutes and cling to me, and I felt like mud. What kind of mean mommy leaves her child to cry until she flings herself out of her bed?

*Big Heavy Sigh*

She's napping now, and I'm hoping for a better afternoon.


Stephanie said...

I'm a firm believer in bed for time-out at her age. We did it too.

She's just so ... agile. My child still has not climbed out of his crib, and he's 2! But I hate those mornings. I hope the afternoon is better.

Jen said...

Not your fault! It happens. You are a good mommy for teaching her to behave.