Friday, January 9, 2009

(One of the) Problems with medical care

So, Olivia spiked a fever in excess of 102 degrees on Wednesday afternoon. I have NO IDEA why. It was getting late, so her doctor said we should visit a convenient care center immediately. We did, and it was the quickest medical-related trip ever, but it left me steaming. For one, the nurse couldn't get an accurate temp with her under-arm thermometer, so she was charted as having a 98.4 temp (WRONG). Then the doctor peeked in her ears and mouth, saying something about strep going around. She mentioned that there was "a little redness" in her ears, so let's put her on antibiotics.


For the record, yes, I think she likely had some sort of infection-y thing going on and probably did need antibiotics. But from an entirely objective point of view, if I were a bystander and watched a doctor prescribe antibiotics to a child who presented with no fever (supposedly) and slightly red ears, I'd be livid. DO A FREAKING TEST TO CONFIRM! Yeah, I know I'd have to pay for that, but it would be way cheaper than the consequences of antibiotic resistance that results from giving antibiotics where they aren't needed. Though Olivia may have needed them, there are many other kids with hypochondriac parents who probably don't. Please, don't give antibiotics just to placate parents. PLEASE.

We gave her the drugs anyway, mainly because she was still running a fever and didn't have any appetite. She was also doing this weird panting thing, which was scary. I just wanted her to feel better. By yesterday morning, her fever was gone and she was hungry again. So it must have been a teeny infection, but we still have to finish out the antibiotics for nine more days.

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Jen said...

I'm so glad there are people like me out there. I have the same problems with over-medicating lately. I don't even use anti-bacterial soap. It's just unnecessary.