Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Snowsuit

When Olivia was teeny, we had at least three snowsuits. All were hand-me-downs, and I doubt that any of them had been used more than once or twice. The largest of these was a 6-month size, and I'll never understand why babies that age need a SNOWSUIT of all things. In most places, you have to get in a CAR to go anywhere, and a baby in a snowsuit will not fit in a carseat. So a snowsuit is really only good for going out to play in the snow in your own neighborhood. But what 6-month-old (or younger) plays in the snow?

Now we have a walking, running, climbing toddler who is very interested in the snow, and we have no snowsuit. So we improvise.

This was the process that led to our snow adventure this morning.

Olivia stands at the door whining to go "Side?" She's wearing the first layer of clothing...tights, onesie and socks.

Over her tights, we put on a heavy set of sweatpants. After each layer of clothing, she ran to the window to make sure the snow was still there.

Over the tights and pants go the overalls. Just something to keep her midsection safe from snow getting under her clothes.

Next comes the hoodie sweatshirt! Olivia tries to protect her feet by putting her gloves on them, but I patiently explain that her feet won't fit in her boots with gloves on.

The boots. They are the only ones I could find in her box of hand-me-down shoes, and I think they worked out quite well (even if they are a little, um, colorful?).

Next step...tape those gloves to her arms. They kept falling off yesterday.

The coat and hat complete the "look".

"Geez, Mom, I'm hot. Can we go play in the snow now?"


Stephanie said...

It's a good thing she's still in diapers. =)

(About the baking soda, from my post - it works great, and the longer you leave it, the more effective it is. To remove the mildew, I let it sit for 24 hours. To use it on the rug, I sprinkle it (liberally) right at lunch, and vacuum after nap.

Jen said...

You know, with all the ridiculous clothes we've been given, at least we've never been given a snowsuit.