Monday, February 2, 2009

In which I have nothing to say

I feel like I have been rather absent from this site for a week or so. Yeah, I've posted, but my posts have consisted mostly of pictures of a cute toddler in the snow. Why? BECAUSE THERE IS NOTHING GOING ON AROUND HERE. That's what a week of snow and ice will do to you.

We did venture out on Friday for a brief shopping trip that ended up taking most of the day. This was due to A) the utter lack of ice clearing in store parking lots, which made for slow maneuvering, and B) the bajillions of people out shopping or eating in restaurants, which also slowed us down considerably. It turns out that a good portion of our Former City (where we do most of our shopping) is still without power because of all the ice and the trees that fell on power lines all over the city. So EVERYONE was out eating or shopping because it was too cold to sit at home in their powerless houses and they couldn't cook anything anyway.

We are so, so lucky that we never lost power.

All this ice and snow did keep us home and stuck in the house for most of last week, so we are itching to get out and do SOMETHING. We have errands to run tomorrow, and I'm hoping that it cures us both of cabin fever. Olivia has been pretty fussy. We just need a break from seeing nothing but each other.

The highlight of our weekend was that the three of us ventured out and finally chose a TV to replace our broken one (It's been broken for a month). We had to get out the screwdriver box to attach the base to the TV, and Olivia thought she'd help by carrying the screwdriver box around.

Our little worker.


Lizzie said...

The overalls and toolbox make a pretty perfect picture! I'm feeling you with the cabin fever, thing too. There's only so long you can walk through the same rooms and stare at each other... Hope getting out is fun!

Jen said...

There isn't any snow here and there is still nothing going on! :)