Thursday, February 12, 2009


Well, our visit with the social worker is over, and we are officially "active". Yes, she still has to type the homestudy report, but she has reviewed all of our information and intends to recommend us for placement in her report, so that means she will be adding our profile to those she hauls around to show to birthparents.

Like our social worker said, we could get a call from her any time or it could be months and months. All in God's time, I guess. That said, we would appreciate any prayers you would like to offer...for us, for potential birthparents, for scared pregnant women everywhere who are just trying to figure out what's the best decision for themselves and their babies. Pray for patience for us and wisdom and peace for them and health for everyone. Just lots of prayers.


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Jen said...

Ack! I am SO EXCITED! I'll be praying!