Monday, February 16, 2009

Knocked down by the cold once again.

Seriously, this one-cold-a-month thing is BRUTAL. We are all suffering with a full-blown cold now. And while it may have been exacerbated by our off-schedule/less-sleep weekend of retreat leading for us and staying with family members for Olivia, it was by no means caused by that. Symptoms started showing up on Thursday. Great timing.

I have been needing a nap all day, but instead of napping I am Getting Things Done. Grrr. And I'm sure Olivia's nap is nearing its end and now I won't get to nap. It will surely be a long afternoon.

Does this happen to everyone? Is it just a part of Life With A Toddler to expect the whole household to be sick every four or five weeks? WE STAY HOME! SHE'S NOT IN DAYCARE! We do have playdates about once a week, but even so. This once-a-month illness thing? NOT FUN.


Jen said...

Just think of the fabulous immune systems you are developing. You'll soon be completely illness proof.

Stephanie said...

Yes, they are a part of life. Sad but true.

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