Sunday, February 22, 2009


So last night, the weekend anchor on our local news station was reading this story about this guy who had entered a store waving a gun and threatening a bunch of people. She read off the list of charges against him, including (in her pronunciation) "Wonton Endangerment". I knew what she MEANT to say (or what the writers of the story meant her to say), but I imagined some guy making threats against Chinese noodles. And now I can't get that image out of my head.

Olivia was a real grump all day yesterday. I assume it was because of her shots on Friday, which left big red welts on her tender little thighs. That and the fact that she skipped a couple of hours of sleep on Friday evening because of the bare rear incident in which she stripped off her pants and diaper before falling asleep, resulting in us waking her to re-diaper her little hiney when we discovered that it was bare. And then she couldn't go back to sleep. She lay in the dark for two hours talking to herself and intermittently protesting in a loud whine, and she eventually did go back to sleep. But I imagine that such a sleep disturbance can cause one to be grumpy when one is used to eleven or twelve hours of uninterrupted snoozing.

We had a nice day of driving around for no apparent reason today. After Mass (during which Olivia was surprisingly well-behaved), we drove "to town" to see the greyhounds at the pet store, only to find that they didn't show up for their scheduled meet-and-greet (greyhound adoption people set this stuff up, and we thought Olivia would enjoy the big dogs). Olivia liked seeing the fishies and birds and rabbits and rodents, though. We also visited all four grandparents, but we didn't "accomplish" much of anything. I like days like that...days with no errands. They are few and far between.

I have gum surgery tomorrow (my second one, and now that I know what to expect, I'm dreading it). It's no biggie...just grafts for receding gums, but it means bland soft food for two weeks and limited eating ability (no tough steaks, eating with only one side of the mouth) for six weeks or so. Forced "fasting". I guess. Just in time for Lent.

So, I'm not looking forward to tomorrow, except that I'm going out to lunch with the gals just before surgery, so YAY for that. Must remember my toothbrush.

G'Night! Be sure to lock up your Chinese noodles. There are crazy people out there, you know.

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