Wednesday, February 11, 2009


We are making progress, people. My dining room looks like a dining room again instead of a place to pile everything that hasn't been put away. The "baby's room" is as organized as I can expect it to be until I round up all the items for donation and load them in the car. There is a place for the changing table and a place for a crib/pack-n-play, which will sit right next to the rocker. I'm happy with that.

I spent all of yesterday doing our taxes, and I have to say HOORAY for tax preparation software. It is SO MUCH EASIER. Even with our complicated tax situation (SEE: Adoption Tax Credit), I was able to breeze through it (well, as best you can breeze through any task with a toddler pulling on your arm). I was able to e-file (why this hasn't been free/included until this year is beyond me), and thanks to expensive adoption legal fees, the government owes us BIG TIME. The money is already spoken for (SEE: Second Adoption Expenses Forthcoming), but it is nice to have, and it is nice to also know that we won't be paying federal taxes again for a good long while (SEE: Adoption Tax Credit Carryover).

We are heading "to town" today for a billion errands, and the weather is not so stable, so we may or may not get anything done. Let's hope for the best!


Jen said...

I love that good feeling of getting so much done!

Lizzie said...

So nice not to have to worry about re-saving the huge chunk of change for baby #2! I'm wading through our taxes this week too. Ugh.