Friday, February 20, 2009

15 month stats

When the nurse called us this morning, Olivia happily followed her back to the exam area and stepped right onto the adult scale as directed. No more baby scale for her! She stood still long enough to register her 27 lb weight (97th percentile).

We entered the room and got her height measurement at 34 inches. That was "off the charts" according to the nurse. She showed me the line graph on the computer, which was registering her at 99.98%, but I got the feeling that this was just the default percentile for anything above the line on the graph.

It is said that you can estimate a child's adult height by taking her 2-year-old measurement and doubling it. If you double her height now, she would measure 5'8"...which is how tall I am. But she still has nine months to go until she's 2 years old, so there's no telling how tall she'll be "expected" to be.

Her head circumference was also measuring at 97th percentile. So overall, she's growing at the rate of a 2-year-old.


Shots were traumatic. The trauma was short-lived when Olivia became fascinated with the "fishies" (dolphins) that the bookkeeper had hanging above her desk at check-out. The doctor said that these are her last shots until Pre-Kindergarten shots, and we were told that we would "skip" the next well baby check-up (18 months). In the words of our doctor: "Well baby check-ups help us ensure that babies are continuing along proper growth and development expectations. I don't think we have anything to worry about with Olivia. We'll see you at her birthday for her annual check-up."

Fine by me.


Lizzie said...

Yay for growing girls! She'll be tall, but she won't be a circus freak - she'll be a super model.

Melissa :) said...

And you know my Caibs is right in line w/ Olivia. Caibs is almost 27 lbs. @ almost 14 months. I think she may be a little shorter, but not much at all. As a matter of fact, I'm fixing to put her in 24 month clothing. I've never had a baby this big! LOL

But you know what? At this age there is still no way of knowing how big they will be. All of a sudden, we look down one day, & our girls may just stop growing & get right in line on those charts. They may not, but they might. I do know we will not have 45 lb. 3 year olds. :)