Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Out of the shadows

I'm becoming convinced that no one reads my blog anymore. I'm challenging YOU (yes, you, my reader...is there anyone out there?) to prove me wrong on this. I'm calling on all my readers to de-lurk and leave me a comment. Don't worry, I'll give you something to comment on.


What do you think about my new profile photo? And my new name? OK, so it's not a NEW name...it's always been my name. I just didn't let you in on it until now. After much thinking, I decided to post my actual name instead of my alias because, well, I just felt like it. Finally. My former alias, Elizabeth, is actually my middle name. For those of you paying attention, yes, my first name is actually a derivation of my middle name. It's my mom's OB's fault. He told her that she was having a boy (no ultrasound...just based on Mom's pregnancy symptoms, how stupid is that?), so they only picked out a boy's name. When I turned out to be a girl, Mom and Dad were under a time crunch to pick a name they liked. Mom always liked Lisa, and she wanted her first daughter to have the same middle name as her, so voila! The girl whose first and middle name are essentially the same. Mom didn't know. Dad didn't know. I was their first child. They thought the doctor knew what he was talking about with the boy prediction. And that's the story of my name. The end.

I want to change the title of this blog, but I'm having trouble settling on a name. I need suggestions. I've been toying with a few thoughts, but nothing is coming together. I want it to reflect the purpose of this blog, which is to celebrate the daily joys and challenges of a growing adoptive family. So send your ideas! In fact, if you have the winning title idea and I end up using it, I will send you a little thank-you gift (I have no idea what, but I will come up with something fantastic). I will need to know some way of contacting you, but if your blog link is in your comment, I will try to reach you there.

If you are still not inspired with something to leave in the comment box, then you can answer one of the following questions:

How did you find this blog in the first place?
What makes you come back (what do you find interesting)?
What kinds of things do you wish I would write about and haven't yet?

See? If you answer one of those questions, I might have a better idea of what to write about here. Win-win situation all around.

Let the commenting begin.


Lizzie said...

I found you through Maggie. I don't know that I've ever told you that, but I supposed you guessed... I got hooked on your adoption story. And I keep coming back because it's so fun to watch Olivia grow and to hear your side of your story! Fertility issues and adoption are close to my heart and I just love a happy-ending adoption story. And besides, you're fun! :D

Jen said...

Ah, see I can't answer, because I've known your name since before Olivia was born and I've seen that picture on Twitter. I think I first found you in the comment section of Arwen's blog? But it was a long time ago, since your blog was one of the first I read.

Go Pumas! said...

I've known you for a long time and I read your blog every post.

Stephanie said...

I read you every day, because I am interested in adoptive families and like hearing about your life. I assumed Lisa was short for Elizabeth, so that's pretty interesting - I was also glad to see a real picture of you, just to have a name with a face.

I don't have any great ideas on titles, but I'll think about it.

I too found you from a comment on Arwen's blog, oddly. I started following your story when you were still in the hotel with Olivia, just after she was born.

Melissa :) said...

Oh thank God. Your name. Now I'll quit getting you confused with you. LOL

Maygy said...

I read! But I might be the world's worst commenter. :) I can't remember how I found your blog, but I enjoy it because I'm Catholic as well, we adopted our daughter in September 07, and we have just started the adoption process again - we have a bit in common! I had to laugh when you reported Olivia's height recently - my little one is off the charts the other direction. Almost 18 months and maybe 28 1/2 inches. :) My plan is to take a break from blog reading during Lent -- I'm quite addicted. :) But I'll be back after that...and try to comment more. Also, I love your name - your first name is my mom's name (and we used a variation of it for my daughter's name), and your middle name is my middle name. It is a funny story about how you got it! Thanks for sharing your story through your blog... --Megan

Michelle said...

Hi Lisa - I'm relatively new to your blog. I found you from Stephanie's blog. I truly enjoy reading about your life - I think adoptive families are amazing and your story is very inspiring. I can't really think of a name suggestion, but my head keeps trying to come up with something related to "We picked you!" because I have heard alot of adoptive parents use that phrase.

maggie said...

Oh gosh. I have a hard enough time picking a name for my OWN blog. And didn't do such a great job so, yeah, good luck with that one!

I thought Lisa was its own name. Oops.

I just like Olivia pix! And I'm so interested to see what happens with Baby #2.

Paul, OSB said...

Lisa, I found your blog through "ourlittleorc". Like Pumas, I've known you for a while.

As a monk and Catholic priest, reading your blog helps me to better understand marriage and family life, which hopefully will make me a better priest. Your blog also helps me keep up with things at home, since I am currently stationed far away from home for studies.

Concerning the name for your blog, I found Michelle's comment about "we picked you" interesting, especially in light of John 15:16: "You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you that you should go and bear fruit and that your fruit should abide."

Olivia was chosen for you, and you two were also chosen for Olivia. Mother, father, and daughter, all in God's divine plan.

Crystal said...
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Crystal said...

Hey Lisa! I of course have known your full name since what...7th Grade??? I'm a horrible blogger but ya know...I do the "catch up reading" which means I don't read forever then I go back and spend hours catching up on people's blogs...I feel like I dont have tim to blog anymore...BUT I could make time I suppose. Between work, 3 kids whose ages range so much there is ALWAYS something to do, and everything else...it seems impossible some days!!! Anyhow...just thought you should know that I, Crystal, take time to read your blog! I will try to update mine more, maybe you can read mine too!!! So I read something about baby #2...how's that coming? Maybe I haven't read enough yet... LOL talk to you soon