Monday, January 5, 2009

I've checked two things off of a list of 3475 things to do

This week starts our countdown to baby #2. We meet with the social worker on Wednesday to begin our homestudy, and while we don't have a match or a timeline for a match or anything, I've got this feeling that we HAVE to start doing something about the clutter in our house. It's my form of nesting, I guess. And with our Christmas decorations already taken down and packed away, I have no more excuses and must get started.

So, today I moved our DVD tower from the office into our bedroom. This was step one of the declutter-the-office procedure. I've decided that I must declutter and organize before I can start moving furniture out and finding new homes for everything that lives in the office.

I also cleaned off the coffee table in our bedroom. It has been in our room collecting junk because we moved it there to keep Olivia from climbing on it, and I had decided that it was time to return it to the living room. It lasted for ten minutes. Olivia climbed up and sat on it, which was fine. Then she swung her legs back and forth, which caused her little rear to slide right off. She scraped her back and neck as she was falling to the floor and I decided that Olivia and the coffee table cannot occupy the same room anymore.

So I guess I've completed 1.5 things on my list. The cleaning of the coffee table led to cleaning/dusting of the entire bedroom, so that's something. This whole project is making me exhausted, and we haven't even really started yet.

In other news, my husband has house fever. He's been looking at houses online that are for sale in our Former City where we would like to move back someday. I've managed to fight off this house fever for almost two years using the argument that he needs to have a JOB in Former City and we need to sell our current house before we start looking, but now the market is pushing prices down, and there are these really big homes that are selling for about what our house is worth, and I can see why it's hard for him not to dream. Especially when we are talking about how to squeeze a baby into our office between the bookcases and the filing cabinet (KIDDING, although we may have to put the filing cabinet and half the office furniture in the garage to make this room back into a bedroom.)

Olivia has eleven teeth now. In the midst of the holidays, I managed to forget to report that two of Olivia's bottom molars came in around mid December, and now she has one popping through on top. She hasn't complained one bit either.

Now I must get back to my project while I still have the tiniest bit of momentum and motivation and Olivia is still snoozing.


Lizzie said...

Cleaning and organizing take SO MUCH energy. Add to that a busy toddler, and I don't envy you your list at all! :) Bon courage!

Stephanie said...

I'm excited for you guys about the prospect of a second adoption. And organizing really does take a lot of mental energy. I made a step in Asher's room (a book shelf with baskets, since he's in the age of trains and cars now) over the weekend, so I guess I'm slowly starting to whittle away at it, too.

Jen said...

No, you can't move! You live in the coolest town ever!

I am so excited that baby #2 is in the works.