Sunday, January 18, 2009

My new office

OK, remember a couple of weeks ago when I was obsessing about our office and how to turn it back into a baby's room and resigning myself to the reality that our next child would have to share space with a good portion of our office furniture, including our computer? I got to that conclusion when I called our DSL provider (yes, we live in the dark ages, but at least it's not dial-up), and they told us how much they'd charge us to move the DSL line, and I refused to pay such a sum when we pay them for service every month.

Well, my genius husband, who was a communications major and has no real technical knowledge or experience, took apart the phone jacks and declared that he thought he could move the DSL jack on his own. And you know what? He did! And it works! So take THAT, DSL provider. Nya, nya!

We still have A LOT of stuff in the former office that needs a new home, but I think I have a good space to put the filing cabinet, and we may be able to find new places to put the bookcases as well. The computer was our one wild card, but now that it has been successfully moved, I'm feeling optimistic about our chances of turning that room into an ACTUAL nursery instead of just a place for baby to sleep. It's still going to take A LOT of work, but we should have some time.

Where did we put the computer? In the dining room, of course! But it didn't end up being as cramped as I expected. Once we changed the orientation of the dining room table, there was plenty of space slide the desk in next to the kitchen counter/bar.

And you know what? I kind of like it there. It makes it easier to send a quick email or print a quick document while Olivia's awake. I just have to work hard to keep it from becoming a pile of papers and mess like our former office had become.


Stephanie said...

Glad you figured something out. But if you have any secrets on how to keep an office from becoming a mess, I'd love to hear them. Anywhere that houses our paperwork gets out of control after a while.

Jen said...

I recently started scanning documents and then throwing them away, to cut down on paperwork I had to store.