Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Our toddler-proof home

Well, the computer-in-the-dining room thing was working out OK until Olivia decided that it was her sole purpose in life to climb up and stand on the computer desk.

So, to remedy that situation and others (like the garage opening habit), we moved the couch to block the dining room entrance and bought a gate to block off the hall leading to the kitchen and garage entrances.

Works like a charm! Olivia can run and play as much as she likes in the living room and her bedroom without me constantly chasing her to pull her off of the computer or out of the garage. Why didn't we think of this before?

Oh, the changes you are willing to make for your children...


Jen said...

That sounds perfect! We used to have a gate up for the dogs when they were puppies. It's in the garage now, I assume we'll get it out again soon.

Lizzie said...

It's so funny how often you'll break the old "I'll never...." promises if it makes life with a kid EASIER. I've come to accept that my house is going to be full of plastic battery-operated toys. Sigh :)