Saturday, June 6, 2009

Seasons of life

I'm enjoying a rare quiet time here at home. My husband volunteered to take Olivia over to Local Theme Park by himself for a couple of hours. I feel like I should be doing something productive. Oh well.

We packed up the kiddo and headed "to town" today to attend an ordination Mass. Olivia behaved passably well and fell asleep at the end, so all in all, I considered it pretty successful.

After Mass, we ran into a lot of people with whom we spent time BC (before child). It's just so interesting...I can remember those days like yesterday. They exist in a time capsule in my mind where we could all pick up at a moment's notice and meet for drinks or darts or bowling...usually with a healthy dose of theological discussion (we/they are that type of people).

It's just so interesting to see everyone now...when a five-minute discussion after an ordination Mass is about all we have time for. Most of those in our group are now married and chasing a couple of kids around. We are involved in different parishes, and different organizations take up what free time we still have left. We would all still enjoy a theological discussion...if someone would magically appear to entertain the wee ones for a couple of hours.

It's interesting, though...even with all the demands on our time in this new stage of life, many of these people manage to show up for an ordination of a new priest. It's just that kind of group.

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Jen said...

I miss having a core group of friends. We move so often that we really don't get that.