Friday, June 19, 2009

Seven takes

1. Olivia's sleep disturbances have been creeping into my dreams lately. I wake up thinking she's in bed next to me and that I'm going to wake her. Which is weird, since she has NEVER slept in our bed at night. A few times, she'll come in our room in the morning and we'll lay her between us and she'll fall back asleep for a half hour or so, but she has never slept with us at night.

2. Olivia's cold is getting better. Now, though, my husband has an ear infection and my throat is starting to feel throbby (is that a word?). So I'm afraid we won't escape this unscathed.

3. As I write, the child is standing behind me writing on my t-shirt with a pen (I assume she's writing...I haven't checked). She keeps wiping it with her hand and saying, "Sorry, Mommy." Yeah, right.

4. We went to the zoo today with Grandma. She's off work today and wanted to take us. Olivia had a great time.

5. We are having our cable turned off today and are getting our satellite service hooked up on Tuesday. We should have a weekend of no TV at all. I'm not so worried about that from an entertainment standpoint...we have plenty of other things to do and movies to watch if we are homebound for some reason (like if these cold symptoms turn into a full-blown cold). But I'm a little concerned that we can't get TV weather updates in the midst of storm season. At least there's the internet.

6. I've been following two adoption bloggers who are adding children to their family RIGHT NOW. The first is Adrienne. The baby boy was born this week, and so far the adoption plan is still in place, but she had an adoption plan fall through last fall and is a bit nervous. Go give her some love.

7. The second family is Troy & Amber. Amber was a classmate of mine in high school, and they are bringing their son home from Ethiopia TODAY. I love following adoption stories. So many things need to come together just right for it to work out well, and when it does, it just seems like you are witnessing a little miracle.

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Jen said...

I was sleeping with the baby in our bed the other day and I dreamed that she was a panther and was kicking me.