Friday, June 5, 2009

Update on projects

Last night, Daddy and Grandpa worked hard to finish Olivia's sandbox cover, and we are now pronouncing Project Playground to be COMPLETE! I took this picture at noon, which is just about the time when the sun starts to creep in. We are lucky to have it placed where it is shaded most of the morning and also in the late afternoon. Unfortunately, the tree that shades it in the morning also sheds whirlybirds in the Spring, so we are going to be cursing the tree and the pea gravel come April next year.

Here's a close-up of the sandbox under the set. There are two hinged doors that latch up for sandbox play. The center piece of wood just lifts out.
And when we are not playing in there, the doors stay down to keep out cats and critters.

Complete. Aaahhh.....

And here's my newly reorganized nursery. We were able to get rid of one bookcase, so only one remains. The crib is on the left, changing table on the right. We may be able to remove the elliptical, or it may stay. The jury is out on that. I'm just happy to have a room where everything can have a place and where I can easily walk from the door to the closet without tripping over everything.
In other news, I met with two families this week about babysitting during the school year (they are teachers). Both have toddlers around Olivia's age, and one is expecting a newborn next month. Olivia loves playing with other kids, and I think I can handle this. It would be a way to bring in a little extra cash without leaving Olivia at all, and both families were OK with the possibility of service interruption when baby #2 arrives and the uncertainty of when that will be. It will be a different sort of adventure, for sure. More on that later.

I have a tired toddler who put HERSELF down for nap today, which is new. She was falling asleep at lunch and went straight to bed as soon as she had pacy/blankie. I may get another long nap window today...gotta get to work!

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Jen said...

It all looks great! You have been working really hard and it shows.