Sunday, January 24, 2010


Yesterday, we were planning to meet Olivia's birthmother for the first time since Olivia left the hospital. I was really looking forward to this reunion. We had it all planned out...we were going to meet her at a nearby children's museum so that Olivia could be a kid and enjoy herself, thus showing her best side. We were going to take her out to lunch afterward. I gave Olivia a bath and did her hair all pretty and put her in some nice clothes. I know her birthmother would have been excited to see her in anything, but I felt like I needed the affirmation of knowing that she approved of how Olivia looked.

And then, as we were driving "to town", we got a call from cancel. She said she was running a fever, and she did sound really sick, but it was just so disappointing for me. This is the third or fourth time that we've tried a reunion since bringing Olivia home (the first time since reconnecting with birthmother in December), and every time it has fallen through on birthmother's end. We will try again, but I am not sure I will be quite as enthusiastic.

So, instead of a visit with birthmother, we went shopping for new shoes for Olivia. They look pretty good with her dress for church today, don't you think?

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