Monday, January 11, 2010

First movie

Joe is out of town on business until Wednesday, and unfortunately he left on Friday, so that left me and Olivia with a whole weekend to fill all by ourselves. After spending two snow days at home all by ourselves. *Sigh*

All of this led me to make the decision I've been waffling on for three weeks. Do I risk taking a 2-year-old to see her first movie? This weekend, I decided that I'd try it. We needed to do SOMETHING.

The movie involved a princess and a frog (of course). I had been looking forward to this movie because, you know, the princess in question is not a carbon copy of all of the other princesses. (Except Jasmine. Yes, I know. But, come on. I think a black princess was way overdue.)

I liked the movie. The animation was a bit more classical in nature. No Pixar-like stuff. Which, I thought, suited the story just fine. And it seemed to me like a story that could actually happen, instead of all fantasy. It was more real. Voodoo magic aside, of course, but what's a Disney Princess movie without a little magic?

Olivia liked it too, I guess. She sat quietly and ate her popcorn (about which she was SO EXCITED) for the first half. Then she got bored and began to climb on the seats and spout very loud commentary about every scene she actually bothered to watch. Thankfully, the theater was practically empty. There were only nine other people there. I would have felt sorry for the five people sitting right in front of and in back of us, but they sat down after we did. They could have sat ANYWHERE in this almost-deserted theater. But they chose to sit right in front of and behind a toddler. I mean, come on. They set that table for themselves.

Olivia discovered the projector window about halfway through, and she was more fascinated with the projector's reflection on the projector room window than the movie on the actual big screen.

We survived, but I don't think we'll be back in a movie theater together for another couple of years.

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