Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It's a good thing my husband will be home tonight

It's been a long week already. Not that it's been any different from a normal week, except for the fact that Joe's been out of town on business since Friday and Olivia is getting sick of me and it is wearing on both of us. Oh yes. Last night we visited my parents for dinner and Olivia clung tightly to Grandma when it was time to go, crying and screaming, "No! I want to stay with Grandma! It's not time to go home! It's time to stay here!" I don't know what heinous thing I did to deserve that. Maybe denying her any extra sugary treats and making her, you know, sleep on a regular schedule. The horror!

Many things have been rattling around in my head this week...I just haven't had time to sit down and write anything. The kids are restless, the baby won't nap. It's maddening. So today I made sure he was totally and utterly exhausted before putting him down in hopes of at least an extra 20 minutes to myself. His teething process is pure evil.

Things my head...well, first there was that moment in this week's episode of "Desperate Housewives." Yeah, I know, it sounds trashy...and sometimes it is...but I love that show. The writers are brilliant. They do a fabulous job of character development, and they make you feel the raw emotion of the character. So, anyway, in this week's episode, Lynnette is mourning the recent loss of one of her unborn twins, but she doesn't want to deal with it. Her husband assumes that she will want to stay home when the other baby is born (and not go back to work) because the loss of one child will make the other one all the more precious. He draws her feelings out, and she says, "We lost a kid. We'll never meet him. We'll spend our lives always looking at one and wondering why there aren't two." And that, to me, was a pretty poignant statement, coming from a show on network television, in this world where unborn children are often treated with less respect than unwanted pets.

Other things...I was chatting on Facebook with a high school friend of mine yesterday, and she made some sort of comment about Olivia's active nature..."You guys are doing great with her. Most parents would have had her on medication by now." And it occurred to me that I never before considered that Olivia might be ADHD. So I spent all of my free time yesterday googling ADHD symptoms. And I'm not convinced. I think too many kids are unnecessarily medicated just because they are high energy. And she's two. It's too soon to call, I think. I guess we'll see someday.

And other things...will have to wait. Because two of my toddlers are now awake and they've been too loud and just woke up the baby. Sheesh.

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