Friday, January 15, 2010

I live in a bubble

Ugh. Olivia woke up at 3:45 last night and couldn't fall back asleep. It took her two hours to drift back into dreamland, and by that time my night was shot. So here I sit, all tired and wired because I've been drinking the iced tea all morning to remain upright. I think I will demand sleep-in rights tomorrow since it's a weekend.

On Wednesday, Joe called from the road on his way home from his trip. We got to talking and he mentioned something stupid that someone had said about the tragedy in Haiti, and I said, "What happened in Haiti?" To which he replied, "Geez, would you turn on a TV once in awhile?" To which I replied, "The TV is on. It's a non-stop marathon of children's programming around here!" Single parenting, when it happens in this house, means waking with the child at the crack of dawn, accomplishing as many tasks as humanly possible in the narrow nap window, and crashing into bed as soon as the toddler goes to sleep. So, no, I didn't see the news.

But now I have. And I think it's time we mobilize. I hear that governments worldwide are pledging hundreds of millions in aid. Great. But there are hundreds of millions of people in this country alone who live in relative comfort who can afford to help out. Yeah, it seems like a drop in a bucket to send $35 to relief efforts, but if I do it and you do it and he does it and she does it...well, it adds up. Fast. And fast is when they need it.

(I recommend donating at Food for the Poor. Their overhead is low and most of your donation goes directly to aid. They are an organization that originated in Haiti and was started by Haitians, so I think it's a good place to go. That's where I'm donating.)

And also, pray. There's a lot that can be said about Haiti and the problems they'll face and how to fix them. But from where I sit, it seems our power is in prayer. I can't do much else, but at least I can do that.

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