Monday, May 17, 2010

Family day at the park

On Saturday, we spent a lovely day at the Local Theme Park with another couple and their family. This couple adopted their first child six months before Olivia came along, and we've bonded with them on issues of adoption, politics, religion, etc.

This lovely couple now has quite a brood in tow. Between our two families, there were five kids under three. Two "big kids", two toddlers, one baby. Two mixed-race children, two caucasian children, one African-American child. Three adopted children (our one, their two), two foster children. All five are girls. Two double strollers and one single stroller. Four adults enjoying some conversation where they could, while also making sure this child didn't leap out of her stroller and that one didn't steal her sister's sippy.

I'm sure we drew some interested stares...we did make an interesting bunch. But what I enjoyed the most was just being with all the kids together. I held this one or that one while keeping an eye on mine and sometimes another one running around in the spray park or the pool. I bonded with one of their foster children, who wanted me to hold or play with her for much of the afternoon. My husband really enjoyed holding the baby, who was calm and sweet and not squirmy and impatient as Olivia was when she was that age. I loved watching Olivia share hugs with the other girls and adopt them as her newest favorite playmates.

It was chaos, but it was an absolutely delightful day. Exhausting, but beautiful.

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