Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday thoughts

It's Friday, and I'm feeling pretty good. I have only 8 more days of babysitting after today. The kids are all asleep. We're going to our parish social tonight and to Olivia's Favorite Playground tomorrow. Lots to look forward to this weekend.

Olivia has slept through the night for the past four nights. She used to do it every night, but since Easter she's been imagining monsters regularly again, and she seems to be afraid of the dark. It had become a nightly ritual for her to come wake me up around 2:00 a.m. and make me sleep with her until she was soundly asleep again. But after four nights without this nightly sleep disturbance, I feel pretty good. And kind of spoiled.

You'd think that all that uninterrupted sleep would make her more cooperative and well-behaved. You'd be wrong. She has been pretty out-of-control starting an hour before nap and then again about three hours before bed. I don't know...maybe she's growing and getting tired more quickly.

Another explanation (for the behavior and for the sleep disturbances of late) might be apnea. I've been considering the possibility of having her evaluated. She is a loud sleeper, always sounding congested and occasionally stops breathing for a few seconds, so I guess it's possible. I've read that toddler apnea is usually caused by large tonsils and adenoids inside a small head. If that's the case, it would be easily solved. But I'm putting this off until we get BACK from Omaha because we have enough medical stuff to deal with in the next three weeks.

I'll be posting a couple of new videos here as soon as they can load. The first one is of Olivia's recent bowling experience...the first one where she was allowed to try all by herself. She LOVED it. The second video is of her rockin' out with her new inflatable guitar. That kid cracks me up.

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