Wednesday, May 5, 2010

This is where the title would go, if this post had enough continuity to pick one

Today is a gloriously beautiful day...the very essence of Spring perfection when it comes to weather. I took the kids outside and ENJOYED sneezing, wheezing or other pollen-related misery. The cold is also gone and I feel like a new person.

I also got on the elliptical machine for the first time in five weeks today. I can finally breathe. It felt very good to be back to "normal".

I got a call today from the Institute where I'm going to have surgery and other diagnostic procedures in a few weeks. The office that handles various dealings with insurance companies discovered that both the doctor and hospital are out-of-network for our insurance (not news to us). They were calling to let me know that they are drafting a letter to our insurance company explaining why Dr. Hilgers is different (and does surgery differently) than the dozens of other GYN surgeons in our network and is, therefore, the best possible option for our very unique case. They are arguing to be considered in-network for these procedures. I didn't even ask them to do this! Can I just say that they are totally awesome?! Whether it works or not, I think this is an AWESOME business practice.

The baby I watch is now eating baby food, and his mom has been sending these glass jars for about a week. I've been saving them and will be doing this with the kids tomorrow. I've been looking for an easy crafty Mother's Day gift that the kids could make for their moms this week, and I think this is perfect.

Happy Wednesday!

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