Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Just two weeks

I realized last night that two weeks from today I will be having surgery in Omaha. Actually, two weeks from right now I will be finished with surgery, probably having some saltines and Sprite while we wait out the "recovery" time in the hospital until we can go back to our hotel.

I've been looking forward to this trip for six months. That's right...LOOKING FORWARD to SURGERY. It's not a big deal surgery...just a couple tiny incisions and some scoping and lasering. But I know it will be painful, or at the VERY least uncomfortable and exhausting for days (we've done this before). And yet, I've been looking forward to it.

Maybe not so much looking forward to surgery. I don't relish the idea of that. The part I most dread is the IV. My hand hurts every time I think about it. It's a needle. IN YOUR HAND. Gah! But that needle delivers the lovely drugs that erase a good portion of the day from my conscious experience, so I suppose it's a necessary evil. Still, though, not exactly looking forward to that.

What I am looking forward to, though, is DOING something...actively pursuing answers to a host of health issues that we hope are all related and therefore diagnose-able in this one trip.

I'm also looking forward to a week away with my husband. Just my husband. I am going to miss Olivia terribly, but she's such a high-energy and high-needs child that sometimes she just drains the life right out of me and I'm not much fun by the time my husband comes home. And we all need a break now and then...just to breathe. I don't get much of that on a daily or weekly basis, so I'm hoping to squeeze some of that breathing time into this week of appointments and surgeries.

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