Thursday, January 3, 2008

Another blog title change...

I know, talk about indecisive. But this title may be a bit more descriptive. What do you think?

I'm rapidly approaching the afternoon sleep/caffeine-deprived brain meltdown. I'm just SO thankful that this work week is only three days long. I hope the baby is faring well with her Grandma today, because we desperately need her to sleep well tonight. We are all coming down with nasty colds that are compromising our ability to sleep, so anything that baby can do to NOT compound the problem would be good.

Also, I think the baby grew yesterday. Seriously. I think she was bigger when I got home than when I dropped her off in the morning. Does this happen to other working moms? Does the baby grow rapidly in your absence? It was amazing to me.

I promise a picture post as soon as I locate my camera and find time to load up some appropriately adorable photos of our angel. Yes, she is the cause of our sleep deprivation and irritability, and yet one little smile and our hearts melt. This must be some sort of God-designed instinct built into the parent-child matter how much the wee one drives you to the brink of insanity, all it takes in one cute look and all is better. Or even one complaining cry look, which I find to be hilarious. Our baby has several cries, but the complaining cry (which sounds like a cross between a yell and a whine) is just so funny. I'll have her on my shoulder to burp or whatever, and she turns her head to look at me and just opens her mouth wide and yells. "Mwaaaahh!". Almost like she's making an angry statement. With her little pouty lip. So funny. Except, maybe, at 4:00 a.m., but still.


Maygy said...

Hello! I love the new title - an amazing journey for sure! Our little one does the "complaining cry" too! -- it cracks me up that at such a young age she can manage to clearly express opinions, like "Seriously? That is not acceptable!" And the facial expressions! I guess they are just using they only means they have to communicate...

I'm loving following along with a fellow Catholic new parent -- and plan to get better about posting on
my own blog. Best of luck with heading back to work for these weeks!

Jen said...

I adore the new title!

Babies can grow like crazy. There is one baby at my church nursery who did that. I go in every two weeks and he actually doubled in size in two weeks. The other worker that day thought it was a new baby (and he had been there since birth- everyone knew him). So, I am perfectly willing to believe that Olivia grew during your absence.

Can't wait for new pictures!