Monday, January 28, 2008

Faster than a speeding bullet

This girl is growing SO FAST! We spent the weekend sorting through clothes to put away those she has grown out of and bring out those she is growing into. At eleven weeks old, our Olivia is solidly into the 3-6 month clothing!

It amazes me that this has happened before my very eyes, and I somehow didn't notice. But then this morning, when she sat in her baby papasan and I noticed once again that her legs were hanging over the edge...I finally realized that this wasn't because she had wriggled around and scooted herself down...her legs are hanging over because she's TOO LONG FOR THE CHAIR.

In other news, the baby is sleeping through the night. And no, this is not a fluke. For the better part of two weeks, she has slept 8-9 hours straight at night without difficulty. This makes for a very happy baby and even happier parents.

This, however, does not translate into a good nap schedule. She has no nap schedule. Some days she will take 2-3 long naps, and other days she won't sleep for more than 40 minutes in a stretch. And these naps cannot be timed. She sleeps when she's good and ready to sleep.

We can't really complain about the naps much, though, since it doesn't seem to affect her amazing ability to sleep through the night. It would be nice to finish a blog post, though, without her waking and demanding attention (which is what she's doing now). So we'll have to cut this short. I must go attend to the princess.

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Jen said...

Look at those eyes! My goodness! She is getting so beautiful.

Clearly she is growing so well because you are taking such good care of her. And hooray for sleeping through the night!