Friday, January 4, 2008

To the doctor...

This morning, Olivia and I visited the doctor. This was primarily due to my throbbing throat last night and the desire to diagnose anything she may have caught from me before it got out of hand.

Well, turns out I just have a nasty cold, and the baby doesn't seem to have it. But they decided, since she's due for her "well baby visit" later this month anyway, to just go ahead and do her measurements and shots and save me a trip.

Of course, I forgot to pack the baby tylenol this morning. And the baby was all fed and changed and happy when we put her up on the table, cooing and making faces at the nurse. And then came the shots. Good heavens, you would think we were trying to rip her leg off!

She looked at me like she had been betrayed and just screamed. You know that really, really mad scream that babies give when they just go on and on for what seems like minutes in the midst of the same wail without taking a breath. I seriously had never heard her scream so long without a breath before, and her face was beet red. After the first two shots, she was ready, and as soon as the nurse stuck her in her other leg, she pulled that leg back and held it tight. Of course, this resulted in much bleeding and probably more pain for the baby, but it was her only defense mechanism.

Needless to say, after leaving the doctor's office, the first thing we did was head to a pharmacy for some baby tylenol. Poor little thing. Now she's sleeping. I think the whole ordeal overwhelmed her. It certainly overwhelmed Mommy.


Jen said...

Oh, poor baby. I know that shots are for their own good and all, I just wish there was some way to tell them that!

Glad you both made it in one piece.

maggie said...

Poor kid! J's first set of shots were the worst- KEEP GIVING THEM TYLENOL! Don't think that just because they're passed out and happy right now means they won't be hurting later! But all the other shots thus far have been a piece of cake.