Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Still, it is all worth it.

I meant to post something long and profound on Saturday, along with the two month photo. Unfortunately, our wireless keyboard quit on me (right after typing the post title) and didn't respond to new batteries, so all I could manage was the two month photo. Which was, of course, all you people wanted, anyway. Who wants to hear me babble on when you can gaze at another adorable photo?

I am "working at home" on Mondays now, which has become a struggle for both me and the baby. I struggle to try to get the baby down for a nap so I can work, and she struggles to stay awake and prevent any form of productivity. This results in a very irritated Mommy and a very overtired baby, and I'm just not sure how to remedy this situation. I've found that she naps much better on days when she's with Grandma, but that may be due to the hour we spend in the car before dropping her off so I can get to work (yes, I commute that far to work, but luckily, Grandma is only a couple of miles from the office). The car starts her day off right with a nice, relaxing nap. And I HATE the fact that she appears to NEED the car to nap. This does not bode well for the future staying home plans that we have.

Luckily, she continues to sleep well at night, regardless of her daytime schedule. Getting her down for the night continues to be a challenge, but once she's asleep, something in her brain tells her that it's night and time to be asleep for many hours at a time, and this is a huge blessing.

Though you are all thoroughly bored with the discussion on sleep, it continues to be the topic that rules our lives.

Despite the limited "work" time I am getting on Mondays, I have learned to be MUCH more efficient with the time I do have. This has translated to my days in the office as well. I've been in the office for an hour, and I've already knocked several things off my list before checking in to post this belated and not-so-profound post. It might be the caffeine. I should start a tab at the local donut shop, which has my coffee business for the next seven weeks.

Yes, it is a daily struggle to figure out what the princess wants or needs. Every time we think we have her schedule down, she changes something on us.

And still, it is all so worth it.

As I sat in the recliner and rocked the baby for the millionth time trying to get her to nap yesterday, I saw a commercial on TV that featured a mother and daughter in some sort of tender relational moment. And I started to cry. I felt this overwhelming sense of joy to realize how blessed I am to be able to be this little girl's mommy. There are moments when I stop and look back on the last few months and realize what a miracle it was that circumstances brought us to this place. Everything fell in line when there were a million things that could have interfered with this adoption placement. And yet, it all worked out.

Yes, it is a constant challenge to adjust to our new reality, but I know that God led us to this child and has given us the Grace we need to be the best parents we can be for her. And I feel so blessed.

Well, that's about as profound as I can be this morning. Must get back to work and take advantage of the caffeine rush while I still have it.

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Jen said...

She is so pretty and getting more beautiful every picture. I showed her picture to my husband and he agrees. He's pretty strict on baby cuteness too.

I'm sure the naps will get easier as she gets older.