Monday, January 7, 2008

The dryer does eat baby socks

I've always thought that people who complained that the dryer ate their socks were either just sloppy and dropped one somewhere or they missed left it in the washer. But my dryer seriously eats baby's socks. I have two lonely socks looking for their mates. If you see a little sock with pink trim and another with pooh on it lying around here, please let me know. I'm baffled. Maybe they get eaten because they are so tiny and sweet. I don't know.

All this to say that I'm too lazy today to load up more photos on this blog. I did load a couple of cute ones from the end of December on my photo blog (see profile), so go there if you want to see them.

Sorry so short. I'm working from home today (ha!) and MUST get something done while baby is taking her long nap. She should be down for a good two hours now, which is a rarity for my baby, who resists napping as much as possible.


Jen said...

I heard somewhere that you can wash all the baby socks in one of those mesh lingerie bags and they don't get lost that way. The woman where I read that said that she keeps the bag on the changing table and just throws all the socks in it. I imagine the dryer can't resist the cuteness.

Maygy said...

So funny! I never had trouble with socks until baby socks either! I just got one of those mesh bags that Jen mentioned and planned to use it for the first time today. Just to let you know -- all my missing socks did turn up, normally I eventually found them stuck in sleeves of sleepers!