Friday, January 18, 2008

We knew it was too good to last...

The sleep thing, that is. What else do I talk about here but sleep?

Olivia woke at 4:45 this morning. *Sigh* Luckily, today we had a little bit of flexibility on our leave-the-house-time, so I did get to go back to sleep for a bit. I just think it is harder on her to eat at 4:45 and then HAVE to be fed again before we leave the house. It would be much easier on her (and us) if she'd just wake around 6:00 and eat and start the day. But she doesn't seem to listen to reason on this point.

We've determined a pattern in her daytime naps too. She seems to be in a 48-hour day she will want to take long naps all day and goes down easily for each one while maintaining a sunny disposition when she is awake. The next day she fights sleep with all her might and is overly fussy and tired all day. And....repeat. This has been our day-to-day pattern for the last 8 days. Nighttime sleep does not seem to be affected by whether or not she naps well during the day (she sleeps about the same at night regardless).

Has anyone else experienced this? It has me totally baffled, and I was just wondering if it's common.

I promise that my next post will be about something OTHER than sleep. Seriously, I'm even starting to bore myself.

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Jen said...

I'm not bored by sleep talk!

At least she has a schedule of not sleeping so that you know what to expect.