Thursday, January 3, 2008

The beginning of my coffee addiction...

I have liked coffee since college, but I don't particularly care for the effect of the caffeine. So I have previously tended to limit my coffee-drinking episodes to dessert decaf only.

No more of that, my friends. Yesterday, I picked up a cup of hot java on my way in to work for my first day back. The caffeine got me through the first several hours of the day. And then I crashed. Hard. And came home to a fussy baby who refused to go to bed until about half-past midnight.

It's all our fault, really. I mean, we let the baby sleep in until 9:00 AM or so for the last three weeks. We had it bed before 11:00 (not a consistent time, but usually before 11:00), up around 3AM and 6:30 AM, and then we all went back to sleep until 9:00. It worked for us. Until we both had to go back to work, of course. Then all hell broke loose.

Now we wake her to eat at 6:30 AM, whether she's ready or not. Then she's off to one sitter or another until we can bring her home for the evening routine. Which is anything but routine at this point.

My husband bravely offered to put the baby to bed last night so I could go to bed at an unbelievably early hour to prep for the night feeding(s) ahead. And then the baby proceeded to fuss and complain, eat, and fuss and complain some more. For three solid hours.

By her cry and her afternoon schedule, it was obvious to us that she was simply overtired, but that didn't help us get her to sleep. I keep telling myself that it will get better as soon as her body adjusts to the new schedule we have. Is this true, internet? Because I desperately need it to be true.

This working mom stuff is HARD. I am so thankful that, for me, the work part is temporary. But at the moment I'm just not sure how I'm going to survive the next couple of months.

So today I brought my coffee from home. And I'm going to have several glasses of iced tea for lunch. Because I learned my lesson yesterday. Caffeine and I must become friends for awhile. At least until the baby learns to go to sleep at night and stay asleep.

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Jen said...

It is true! She will adjust and you will be fine. It will all happen soon. The more schedule, the better.

I have never liked coffee. It smells good, but it does not taste good.