Monday, May 19, 2008

Little Miss Excitable

This weekend was beautiful, and we decided to pack up our little girl and all her things and drive to our beloved former parish in our beloved former city for their annual social.

Now, in our beloved former city, these socials (called Summer Socials, and spread from May to September) are held at just about every parish in the city. These are big fundraisers for the parishes, but we always liked attending because we'd always run into at least a couple dozen people we knew. There are rides and games for the kiddos, and food booths and silent auctions and big wheel tickets for the adults. It's a great way to guiltlessly drop $40 because it's fun and all the money goes to the church.

Olivia was loving it! She just kept looking intently at everything and taking it all in. And, of course, we ran into a couple dozen people we knew, who all just had to see Olivia and talk to her. But her eyes kept darting around at all the lights and the activity.

We were sure that after a couple of hours at the social, she was bound to fall asleep as soon as we hit the car. We visited my in-laws for about an hour after the social, and the entire time Olivia was charged up! She was shouting out excited little exclamations and giggling and stomping. And then we put her on the floor, and by golly if that girl didn't crawl! Not a real crawl, mind you...more like an army crawl.

Now that she's discovered her mobility, she thinks she's big stuff. Between the army crawl and the rolling, she can get herself into just about any kind of trouble accessible within a foot of floor level. Any day now, she'll discover how to pull herself up on things. Then the crib will become a danger and we'll need to lower her mattress. And get foam cushions for the coffee table edges. And move all the knick knacks to high shelves. And either bolt down or throw out the bookcases, because OH THE TEMPTATION of climbing on them.

Not that I'm complaining. She's a lot easier to entertain now, and that's good. In fact, I noticed about 10 minutes ago that she is up from her nap, but since she's in there doing baby acrobatics and entertaining herself with her crib toys, I'm taking advantage. Not something I could have done a few weeks ago...

Our little girl is growing up!

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Jen said...

Not crawling! I can't believe it!