Friday, May 23, 2008

Or she could be napping because of this...

Since she learned to manipulate her position by crawling, climbing, rolling, etc, Olivia has been very active. She woke up at 5:45 a.m. (after sleeping straight through the night, yeah girl!). After her bottle and diaper and new clothes (yes, mismatched hand-me-downs, but in all fairness, she was trying to roll off the changing table, so I grabbed the first things I could get my hands on), we headed to the living room for play time. It is now 8:00 a.m., and she's in her crib sleeping. This is what she did in the meantime:

Spun round and round looking at all the toys in her exersaucer.

Pitched a fit to be taken out of the exersaucer, only to insist on playing from the toys from outside of it.

Spotted her mirror on the floor.

Ooh, look, there are more toys over here.

Discovering that the coffee table has little doors on it.

Determined to figure out the doors.

Wait a minute, what's this toy I rolled onto?

Oooh, look, there's Mommy. I can climb on her awhile.

I'm exhausted from all that activity. I think I'll take advantage of this nap time and sneak a snooze while I can. Then I'll go in later and probably see something that looks like this:

Oh, hi Mommy. Is your nap over too? I was just playing quietly. Not causing any trouble at all. Aren't I the sweetest angel?

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Jen said...

What a lovely girl! No wonder she needs extra napping. She is obviously so busy being active and learning that she requires extra sleep. :)