Friday, May 30, 2008

The war in my kitchen

Yesterday we squashed a few dozen ants in the dining room. This morning, there were a few hundred swarming the kitchen.

This infuriates me. This is the kitchen where I prepare food. The place where my baby eats. Down with the ants!

I spent, I kid you not, the first two and a half hours of my day fighting the battle of me versus the ants. I washed and scrubbed everything in sight. My husband squashed a few dozen ants with his bare thumb (gross). I used Windex on every possible surface I could see because the pest guy said it destroys the ant pheremone trail so they stop following each other to my countertop. Then I called the pest control place, and they said our pest guy will stop by on Tuesday.

In the meantime, we are going to buy more Windex and continue to squash ants in this ongoing battle. *Sigh* For the moment, there are no ants in the kitchen. I have seen a couple of stragglers roaming around since the major combat this morning, but I'm keeping the Windex close at hand and trying not to go into the kitchen too much.

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Jen said...

I hate ants. We've got them on our bathroom ceiling, where they then die from the poison outside and fall on the counter.