Monday, May 5, 2008

Road trip

Now that I'm finally finished with the adoption story, I return you to our regularly scheduled programming...

Last Wednesday, the three of us packed up the car to travel many, many hours North to visit my husband's 92-year-old Grandpa. It's a trip we have always enjoyed and try to do at least once a year. Grandpa is quite a character and gets around much better than most people in their 90s. We'd been planning this trip for awhile because we wanted to introduce Olivia to her great-grandpa.

Well, traveling long distances in a car with a baby pretty much beats the desire to travel right out of you. Olivia actually did pretty well, considering. We cut the drive in half because it's about 10 hours straight through and CAN YOU IMAGINE A BABY SITTING STILL AND HAPPILY FOR THAT LONG? Me neither. But she slept much of the time and could be entertained for quite a bit of the rest of the time in the car.

Nighttime sleep was another story. Spending hours and hours in the car threw her off her sleep pattern. Besides that, there was this pesky little problem of being stuck in the same room with our noisy baby, who kicks and talks to herself in order to get herself back to sleep. Needless to say, none of us slept very well or very much. Hats off to those of you who can stand to sleep in the same room as your baby, but it has just never worked for us. Olivia likes her quiet space, and so do we.

As you can imagine, several days in a car isn't all that fun for anyone, but she did OK. All in all, Olivia had a chance to meet her Great Grandpa, her Daddy's cousin, her Aunt J and a friend of Daddy's from college. Lucky for them, she was all smiles for most of our visiting time. Must be due to all the car napping she was doing.

Unfortunately, all the sleep disruption and hotels and excitement wore us down, and now Olivia and I both have a nasty cold. Ugh. And with 6-month portraits scheduled for Wednesday! I hope Her Snottiness can cooperate with the nice photographer-lady, despite her cold.


Jen said...

I'm glad it was a nice trip, minus the sleeping parts. I hope you both feel better soon!

Lizzie said...

I was totally addicted to the adoption installments. Hope the colds go away soon.

Stephanie said...

I can't sleep in the same room with my baby either. Never have been able to. When we travel (please don't think badly of me for admitting this) we put the pack-n-play in the bathroom. We all sleep better that way.