Friday, May 9, 2008

Transitions and changes

When we first brought Olivia home, everyone says "she'll get into a routine, and then just when you think you know what that routine is, she'll change it on you."

This has turned out to be mostly true. I use the term "transitioning" to describe any of these changes in behavior or routine. Seemed to want to eat more food less often...transitioning. Sleeping longer intervals at night...transitioning. Having more happy playtime and less fussy playtime during the day...transitioning.

Now, I fear, we are entering the first period of transitioning that I've truly been dreading...the regular two-nap-a-day schedule. I've heard many moms tell how their babies, at some point, began taking one regular morning nap and one regular afternoon nap. I thought to myself...not my baby. She insists on at least a short nap between every feeding cycle. After being awake two hours, she simply MUST lie down. She usually did this willingly and usually had at least one long nap a day (2 hours).

For the past week, Olivia has been more alert and playful and interested in everything, and I've noticed that, although she will easily go down for a nap when I determine that she's tired, she's not sleeping nearly as long. So far today, we've had two 40 minute naps. And now she's up again, complaining in her crib to be picked up. And it's not time to eat yet, but she will want to eat.

Transitioning? Or growth spurt? I'm sort of hoping for the latter because I'm not really ready to give up my nap time yet. That's when I get things done. And since I decided to pick TODAY to finally pull out all of her photos for the last six months and organize them into piles ready to be scrapbooked, I'm a little frazzled. Maybe I can get her to play in her exersaucer for awhile so I can clear all of this stuff off the coffee table. Ha! Fat chance of that happening.

In the meantime, we've started leaving soft rattles and other little toys in her crib so she can entertain herself when she wakes up in the morning. I don't know if she's playing with them, but she has been waking up happy. In the morning, at least.

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Jen said...

For your sake, I hope she's just getting a growth spurt going and will go back to napping for you. Maybe you are just too interesting. Try being more dull and maybe she'll sleep more.