Monday, May 12, 2008

Six Months (*Sniff!*)

My baby is six months old today. Here are some of the things she can do...

*Move around via rolling and a little bit of scooting.
*Sit up on her own...almost.
*Carry on a conversation with her plastic spoon.
*Wake up happy and play in bed for awhile before getting Mommy and Daddy up.
*Pull her hair out...she twirls the tiny bit of hair under her right ear and pulls at it. That will be a problem.
*She can go down for a nap without actually being asleep when she gets in the crib. She puts herself to sleep. Usually without crying.
*She can now scream like she means it. Not just the fussy baby cries, but an all-out, angry kind of scream. The kind you see in a temper tantrum. Oh boy.

We're off to the doctor for her six-month check-up (and shots). I'll leave you with a photo of the princess with her oh-so-elusive mommy on Mother's Day.

1 comment:

Jen said...

Oh, I am sniffing too. I can't believe that tiny baby is getting so big!

Happy Mother's Day to you!